Friday, May 15, 2015

Graphics One Presents T-shirt Transfers with OKI C831-TS, Forever Laser Transparent Paper and Metalnox EL 600

It really is easy to image a t-shirt in 60 seconds or less using the OKI C831-TS to image to Forever's Laser Transparent paper and then heat pressing the paper to the t-shirt using the Metalnox EL 600 Heat Press. The following YouTube video offers a quick overview.

All one needs to get into the business is the OKI C831-TS LED laser transfer printer, the Metalnox EL 600 heat press and Forever Laser Transparent paper. For added information please go to:

Graphics One to Participate in FESPA Cologne with Launch of RoTx Direct-to-Textile Printers

FESPA Cologne in May 2015 will be the site of the launch of the new RoTx Direct-to-Textile Systems. The product line is focused on "Everything Textile" and is comprised of two printers sized 74-inches and 104-inches with modular fixation and fabric pre-treatment units. The major part of the direct-to-fabric market has been focused on printers at 10-feet and longer, but Graphics One now sees a very good opportunity for 104-inch and 74-inch printing market.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Metalnox Product Presentation

Graphics One Marketing has compiled a new presentation covering the Metalnox heat presses and calendars being offered in North America. In the presentation there are charts covering:

  • 19 Different Heat Presses and Calendars
  • 6 Presses Specifically for DTG Printers
  • 4 Presses Specifically for 24-inch Printers
  • 4 Presses Specifically for 44-inch Printers
  • 5 Presses Specifically for 64-inch Printers
  • 4 Pages of Competitive Information

Please click here to review the presentation: Metalnox Product Overview. Additionally the presentation provides information regarding the most complete range of large format heat presses and roll-to-roll rotary calendars. 

Additionally, we have a complete webpage for the Metalnox product line located at: Metalnox Product Line

Monday, March 23, 2015

New GO Buzz Magazine Features Articles on "NO DTG"

GO's Latest Buzz Magazine is eight pages long and titled "No DTG". This issue provides new information covering:

  • Three different printers starting at $2,095 which compete against DTG printers
  • Two printers with white toner for imaging black and dark t-shirts starting at $3,395
  • Full t-shirt transfer production system starting at $3,695
  • Chart showing differences between Transfer, Dye Sub and DTG technologies
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Transfer vs DTG
  • Complete listing of transfer papers which can print to hundreds of different substrates
  • All over t-shirt dye sub systems starting at $12,995
To read the latest issue, please click on: GO BUZZ Magazine

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New GO F-24 Small Format UV Printer Video

We have a new video presentation of the GO F-24 on You Tube at: GO F-24 UV Video. This video covers the basic features of this outstanding printer. For added information please click on: GO F-24 Information

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Metalnox Announces New EL 900 27.5"x44" Heat Press $6,495

Metalnox EL 900 Heat Press Industrial Performance at Only $6,495

Metalnox is doing it again with an announcement for the new EL 900 heat press. The new unit features an easy-glide pull out drawer with an ergonamic handle for managing pressing of images.

With an pressing area of 27.5"x44" there are multiple applications for this new medium / large format heat press. The unit will start to ship in March, 2015 and will be available via Graphics One and its elite channel of sales partners.

For more information please go to: 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thirteen Differences Between the New OKI C831-TS and GO UNO

What are the thirteen differences between the New OKI 831-TS CMYK and the GO UNO? Please read below.
  •  Smallest Tabloid Footprint in the World--20% Smaller than UNO
  • Speed Increased to 35 Pages per Minute from 30 Pages per Minute
  •  New Fusing Method Cuts Warm-up Time Over 30% Enabling Quick Start
  • More Robust Fuser for Speed and Consistent Color
  •  New Power Unit Reduces Power Consumption Up to 30%
  • New Dithering Patterns Provide Smoother and More Beautiful Gradations
  • Same Type of LED Array as Used in Much Higher Cost C841
  • Control Panel Far Easier to Use with Help Screens and Numeric Keypad
  • New Toner Feature Allows Reduction of Toner Use for Sample Prints 
  • Easy Access for Black Toner and CMY Toner Replacement
  • Overall Operating Cost Over 15% Less 
  •  Two Year Limited Onsite Warranty from OKI
The GO UNO created a new market space for garment transfer printers. The OKI C831-TS offers even more capabilities, all at a lower price. To see this information in a PDF format, please click here: OKI 13 Differences