Monday, September 10, 2018

New Xpress 51 3-in-1 Heat Press Calendar

Perfect for Transfers/Cures of Up to 48-inch Fabric

Users or possible purchasers of dye sub printers from EPSON, Mutoh and/or Mimaki will all want to know about the Xpress 51-inch 3-in-1 calendar. With a list price of $12,495, this unit offers benefits which far more expensive heat press calendars do not have. 

GO Xpress 51 is a 51” professional rotary calendar system with a 3-in-1 transfer capability for either roll-to-roll, cut sheet or direct fixation transfers. The GO Xpress 51 is versatile and cost-effective calendar, especially with its ability to transfers continuous roll-to-roll for banner and cut and sew dye sub applications. Utilizing the same technology employed by more expensive calendar systems, the GO Xpress 51 rotary calendar is compatible with Mutoh RJ-900X, EPSON F6070 and Mimaki JV 150-130 dye-sub printers. This is the best price and value rotary heat press calendar at this size.

Key Features 
• 51-inch professional 3-in-1 rotary calendar system. 
• 3-in-1 capability: - Roll-to-roll - Cut-sheet - Direct fixation 
• Easy operation and control system with digital temperature readings. 
• Accurate heat distribution with self-contained oil heated drum. 
• Temperature range of 220°C – 428°F. Available in F° or C°. 
• Designed and built with rugged all steel construction. 
• Incorporates a no power break  system and auto-cool down/ shutoff. 
• Fast warm up and cool down times with no air compressor required. 
Integrated table is perfect for for working with cut pieces, roll-to-roll and direct transfer applications. 
• Quick and easy material loading and centering with media centering unwind mandrels. 
• Anti-ghosting tension bar system. 
• One (1) year warranty. 

For added information on the Xpress 51, please contact or go to 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

New LaserMate Two-step Paper for OKI Transfer Textile Printers

LaserMate Sets New Price Point at $3.75 for Tabloid Size

There are four major components to a t-shirt system based on the OKI Textile Transfer Printer with white toner. Until recently Graphics One represented three of the major providers for these components. The components are the OKI TT units, Insta Graphics Heat presses and CADLink Digital Factory RIP for OKI printers.  We are pleased to announce the fourth component, a two-step paper for imaging to dark and black garments. 

Manufactured in Europe, this paper company is quickly gaining market share due to its overall quality and value. Private labeled under our LaserMate brand, LaserMate 2.0 is shipping now. Pricing for tabloid size is $3.75 and for letter size $1.80 for both sheets. 

For information on how to transfer to properly use LaserMate, we have prepared a video which can be accessed by clicking on: LaserMate Instruction Video.

If you have added questions please go to or send an email to 

Monday, August 27, 2018

GO 901X 24-inch Dye Sub Printing Shipping-$4,295

Complete 24-inch Dye Sub System with Heat Press Only $8,995 

Following the successful launch of the GO SubliMate system, Graphics One is announcing its new 24-inch professional dye sub system. Featuring the 24-inch four color 901X dye sub printer, the system also includes the Mogk PTM-80 Heat Press, Wasatch SoftRIP and accessories. The complete system has a list price of $8,995. 

Here is an overview of the system:

  • 24-inch four color 901X Dye Sub Printer
  • 25-inch by 31.5-inch Mogk PTM-80 Manual Heat Press
  • Wasatch SoftRIP for the 901X
  • Four color CMYK (can substitute Neon Yellow for Yellow) SubliMate Dye Sub Ink
  • 24-inch SubliMate Dye Sub Transfer Paper
  • Dye Sub Accessories including Heat Resistant Gloves, HotSlice Cutting Knife and Electric Scissors
  • 220 ml dye sub cassettes only $59 each or one liter bottles $69
There is no other 24-inch dye sub solution at this price point. Better yet there is no other solution offering this value proposition. 

Would you like more information? Please send an email to or go to 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Overview of T-shirt Printing Technologies Report Available Free

Pros / Cons of Four T-shirt Printing Technologies
GO eNews presents this E-Presentation which provides an Overview of T-shirt Technologies used for printing t-shirts. This information is critical to all those who are considering purchasing equipment to enter the t-shirt business. The information covers DTG, Screen Printing, Dye Sublimation and Textile Toner Transfer information. Please contact Graphics One at or go to for further information.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Graphics One GO SubliMate Desktop Dye Sublimation Printing System

First Desktop Dye Sub Printer with Neon Colors

Sunnyvale, California--August 2018--Graphics One, the distribution arm of Prism Inks, announced today the launch of a new desktop dye sublimation system, GO SubliMate. GO SubliMate is the first desktop tabloid dye sublimation system to feature neon dye sub ink colors.

The GO SubliMate Dye Sub System was developed to be used with the EPSON® EcoTank ET-7750 inkjet printer. The GO SubliMate Kit adds CMYK, Neon Yellow SubliMate Dye Sub ink, CADLink’s Digital Factory Dye Sub RIP Software and GO SubliMate Dye Sub Paper as a bundle. The list price with the printer is $1,399 and is just $599 for the kit without the printer.

Amir Ajanee, Managing Partner of AD International, the owner of Graphics One, stated, “Although we have been successfully shipping our GO SubliMate Dye Sub ink for some time, we modified the formulation to work successfully with EPSON’s MicroTFP printhead. Additionally, this is the first launch of a desktop dye sub ink in the Americas market for some time and we wanted to make sure the ink and the system is flawless in performance.”

Ajanee added, “We decided to add the ability to use neon dye sub ink with our system after discussing what features our customer’s wanted the most. In addition to our expansive color gamut, we offer 18-month shelf life on the traditional colors, outstanding UV light fastness and we believe the highest quality dye sub ink available. This is made possible by our team of world class ink scientists at our research and development labs located at Prism Inks in the middle of the Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, California."

The GO SubliMate Dye Sub System will be available in September 2018 through the extensive Graphics One distribution network. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Is the Ricoh Ri 100 an Easy-Bake Oven?

Baking the Cake...Oops, Shirt!

When I called Ricoh to inquire about their new Ricoh Ri 100, I asked them about how they finish the garment. The sales person said, do you remember the Easy-Bake Oven which was popular in the 60s? I said of course I do. The toy had a small oven which supposedly cooked special Betty Crocker cake mixes using a heating lamp system. 

We are not saying that Ricoh is using a Betty Crocker oven to cure the t-shirts imaged on their new Ri 100 DTG system, but the concept is similar. There is a heating element inside the Ricoh Ri 100 which cures the ink, much like there was a heating element inside of the Easy Bake Oven to bake the cake. Instead of baking a cake, Ricoh is baking the ink. Because the curing unit inside the Ri 100 only cures the ink, the use is limited to either cotton bags or cotton shirts. The unit can image nothing else. 

The list price for the Ricoh Ri 100 is $4,995 for the CMYK 8.5"x 11" system and can only accept substrates which are 1/8-inch or less in thickness. Think about this, with the 831-TS, you have an 11"x 17" CMYK printer for only $2,095. Further, if you add an Insta 201 heat press to the printer, you have a tabloid printer with a heat press for only $2,899...and both the OKI 831-TS and the Insta 205 do far more than bake sure "takes the cake" for value. 

Watch for more exciting info regarding how you can "have your cake and eat it too" with OKI printers. In fact, here's "frosting on the cake." The OKI 711WT offers 8.5"x 14" images with white toner for imaging black, dark, light and white garments. The list price is only $3,395 and if you add an Insta 205, the price is $4,495. If you decide to go to a larger size, the 11"x 17" 8432WT printer with white lists for $6,895. With the Insta 256 heat press, the full system is $8,899. Both the 711WT and 8432WT far surpass the Ricoh Ri 100 and compete with traditional DTG units costing much more. 

Need further info about these systems? Please contact or call 1-818-260-9591. 

P.S. Sorry about using the cake idioms...we know they are "nutty as a fruitcake," but lots of fun!

Monday, August 6, 2018

New Ricoh Ri 100 DTG Printing System

Is the Ricoh Ri 100 for You? 

Ricoh has recently been excitedly showing their new desktop direct-to-garment printer, the Ri 100. On the surface, this system looks like a real winner for Ricoh. This unit is targeted at small businesses or corporates where simple garment printing is required. At $5,000 the budget constraints are far less than DTG printing systems costing between $20,000~$30,000.

The Ri 100 is based on the same small format printer used by Sawgrass for dye sublimation. The unit has been heavily modified for this application. The idea behind this unit was to offer a complete system with a small footprint in an "idiot-proof" operational capability. Ricoh has met its objective and more with this system. 

How does the Ri 100 DTG work?
The printing process seems relatively straightforward--a user loads the fabric in the cartridge (think of a laser paper tray), inserts the cartridge into a finisher to smooth out any creases and then prints. Printing an 8.5"x11" image takes about two minutes. The cartridge is then inserted into the heating/curing unit for about three minutes. The whole process takes a bit less than six minutes.

Once the curing is done, the garment or tote bag is ready for use. Since the printer is limited to CMYK and there is no white, all imaging must occur on white or light cotton materials.

What are the important facts about the Ri 100? 
  • The system includes a printer and a curing unit combined.
  • The prints are CMYK only which means light and white garments or bags.
  • The image is limited to 8.5"x11".
  • The total thickness of the fabric is limited to less than 1/8". Additionally, larger size garments cannot be utilized in this system due to the size of the garment tray. When a garment is folded, it must be no more than 1/8" thick and must fit into a tray that is a bit more than 8.5"x11", a small space.
  • The system ships with a full set of CMYK ink, which is enough for about 500 shirts.
  • The printer and curing unit has a list price of $5,000. Ink pricing is $72 for CMY cartridges and $87 for the Black cartridge. Ricoh state there is enough ink for approximately 500 shirts.
  • The ink only works with cotton and no other fabric or material.
  • The total time for printing, pressing and curing is about six (6) minutes per garment.
  • There is no Postscript RIP so the imaging is basic.
  • The cost per image can range anywhere from $0.60~$0.75 for ink costs.
What other product features should you consider? 
  • The Ri 100 is limited in printing size to 8.5"x11".
  • The Ri 100 is only CMYK and only prints on cotton, it is NOT dark or black capable.
  • The Ri 100 takes about six minutes to complete from start to finish.
  • The Ri 100 cartridges can only take a fabric, when folded and stuffed into a 8.5"x11" tray, 1/8". This really limits even the cotton that can be imaged.
  • The Ri 100 does not have Postscript and cannot use standard graphics software.
  • The Ri 100 can only image simple graphics.
  • The Ri 100 printhead is limited to a one year warranty.
  • The Ri 100 system is limited to letter size and has a price of $5,000. 
Before you make a decision to purchase a Ricoh Ri 100, please contact Graphics One, or one of our distribution partners, regarding how the Ricoh compares to the OKI Textile Transfer printers. Here is a small hint: our 11"x 17" CMYK printing systems with heat press start at $2,899, and it does far more than the Ricoh unit costing $5,000. 

Please contact or call 1-818-260-9591 for added info. 

Monday, July 30, 2018

Graphics One Offers Full T-shirt System Only $2,899

T-shirt System Featuring OKI C831-TS 11"x 17" Printer

Impossible you say? Not only do we have a complete system for printing t-shirts at only $2,899, but the system does far more than just print t-shirts. 

What does the $2,899 system include and what's the catch? 

There is no catch, this is truly a complete system for printing t-shirts. The system is comprised of the following items:
  • OKI C831-TS 11"x 17" Tabloid Textile Transfer Printer
  • Insta Graphics 201 Heat Press
  • Full Set of Toner
  • GO Start-up Kit
  • GO UNO One-Step Transfer Paper
  • Pro T-shirt Folder
  • Logo Centering Ruler
  • Heat Transfer Tape
  • Fabric Marking Pen
  • Heat Resistant Gloves
The C831TS digital color printer produces affordable, high-quality graphics and text for transfer sheets used with a variety of fabric substrates.  It’s compact and easy to use. The Insta 201 is a 13"x 13" swing away heat press which works perfectly with the white and light t-shirt transfers. Additionally, with GO's UNO paper you can get started making t-shirts super quick. The t-shirt system for printing white and light t-shirts is easy to use. Here is the most exciting news, you can upgrade your t-shirt printing system to include dye sublimation with an upgrade with a complete system for $1,399 or for $599, if you already own an EPSON EcoTank. 

Why the OKI System? 

The OKI C831-TS offers transferring capabilities which far exceed either dye sublimation or DTG. First off, what about the OKI printers themselves? The technology is amazing: 

  • No clogged printheads
  • No printhead maintenance
  • No daily printhead cleaning
  • No printhead replacement

The OKI LED arrays (similar in concept to inkjet printheads) have a five-year warranty. There is no inkjet printer in the world who offers this type of printhead warranty. 

What Can You Use the OKI System for? 

The OKI Textile Transfer printer line is extremely versatile as you will note below:

  • Garment printing--can be cotton, polyester, nylon
  • T-shirt printing--imagine printing and finishing a t-shirt in about 60 seconds
  • Promo items--compatible with thousands and thousands of promo products. We have many different types of papers for plastics, wood, metal, cardboard, name it. 
  • Signage--whether it is bumper stickers or white or clear signage material, you can image it
  • Marketing--Need to do product spec sheets, newsletters, flyers, door hangers, then you need the OKI textile laser printer

We would be pleased to provide you with added information, including a channel partner close by that can assist you with added questions and provide samples. If you need further info on this fantastic tabloid t-shirt system then contact

P.S. Interested in having more info about the new Ricoh Ri 100? Please contact us. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Sneak Peak--New Tabloid Desktop Dye Sub Printing System Coming

GO SubliMate Dye Sub System with Neon Colors

The rumor is true. Graphics One is about to release its new sublimation system featuring GO SubliMate Dye Sub ink, including neon colors. This is really an exciting development for Graphics One, but we think it will be even more exciting for our customers and here's why:
  • The SubliMate system with 11"x 17" EPSON printer, five 140 ml dye sub ink bottles, CADLink Digital Factory Sublimation RIP and 100 sheets of 11"x 17" Dye Sub Paper is only $1,399. 
  • We will be selling a kit for $599 which includes five 140 ml dye sub ink bottles, CADLink RIP and 100 sheets of 11"x 17" Dye Sub Paper. A user can purchase the EPSON EcoTank printer locally and save $150. 
  • We will be the first to offer neon colors on the desktop.
  • Our 140 ml dye sub bottles will have a list price of $22 each.
  • Our 11"x 17" dye sub paper will have a list price of $25. We have paper for both apparel and for hard surface transfers.
  • The GO SubliMate Dye Sub Ink is manufactured by Prism Inks in the US in the midst of the Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, California. 
Would you like more info? We hope so as we believe we offer the best desktop sublimation solution available. Please send an email to and we will provide you with ongoing updates. This product will only be available through the Graphics One dealer channel. 

Oh, and by the way, we will start shipping in late September 2018.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Graphics One to Exhibit at NBM Long Beach

NBM to be Held August 12-14, 2018

Graphics One will be exhibiting at the upcoming NBM Long Beach Show from August 12-14, 2018. During the show GO will exhibit several new products which will start shipping now or in the very near future. 

During the show, Graphics One will show the GO ScreenMate Film Positive Printing System. This desktop tabloid system includes ScreenMate Ink with dMax 5 Power, ScreenMate Film, CADLink FilmMaker RIP and EPSON EcoTank ET-7750 (with or without the printer). The ScreenMate Film Positive Kit without the printer lists for $599 and with the printer for $1399. 

Graphics One will also show the other following products:

  • GO SubliMate Dye Sub System
  • GO 901X 24-inch Dye Sub Printer
  • Mogk PTM-110
  • Xpress 51-inch 3-in-1 Transfer Calendar
  • OKI 8432WT
  • Insta 256 
  • New OKI Transfer Paper

Graphics One will be located in Booth 119.