Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mogk Launches New PTM-110 33"x 43" Manual Heat Press--$7,995

Graphics One LLC has announced the release of the new Mogk PTM-110 manual heat press, a unit developed specifically for the mid-range market. With an overall transfer area of 33”x 43” the PTM-110 is the perfect complement to medium range and smaller 44-inch and 54-inch dye sub printers from EPSON, Mutoh and Mimaki

“Mogk developed this product to our requirements in less than six months,” according to Dan Barefoot, president of Graphics One. “We have been limited in size by smaller units which did not achieve the standard size of 30” x 40” and by units which were out of the price range of most our users. Additionally, the current large format heat presses either require a step stool to reach the platen handle, or the strength of a body builder to close the press for transfers. The PTM-110 is simple to operate and needs minimal physical effort when using the ez-glide pull-out drawer and the substrate mounting system." 

Designed and produced in Blumanau, Brazil, Mogk has a long history of producing solid and reliable heat transfer calendars and heat presses. The new PTM-110 is no exception and is full of capabilities found on far more expensive heat presses. With premium features such as adjustable pressure, digital controls, ez-glide drawer, ergonomic-assist platen closing, precise full platen pressure and heavy duty steel frame, the unit offers the best performance / value in the mid-range category. 

The Mogk PTM-110 Heat Press has a list price of $7,995 and starts shipping January, 2017. The unit will make its world premier at the ISS Long Beach show in January, 2017.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Mogk Launches New PTP-1450 Single / Dual Semi-Automatic Large Format Heat Press

Mogk PTP-1450 Semi-Automatic Sets New Standard for Large Format Heat Presses

Located in the midst of Brazil's textile region, Mogk (pronounced Mok, with the g silent), is the oldest calendar and heat press manufacturer in the Americas. Mogk has announced the release of the Mogk PTP-1450 heat press, a unit based on another Mogk product launched twenty years ago. With Brazil being one of the largest textile producers in the Americas, it makes sense the most industrial and professional heat presses would be manufactured by companies such as Mogk.

The Mogk PTP-1450 offers a rugged professional design for industrial dye sub transfers. All overs or cut piece transfers are a breeze with this heat press. With easy-glide drawers, the semi-automatic unit comes in both single and dual platens sized 39"x 57". What is even more interesting is the larger size is perfect for 5 XL all over transfers. Additionally, the size of the unit makes it perfect for users of EPSON, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland printers.  

The list price for the single platen PTP-1450 is $13,995 and for the dual platen version $15,995. These units are shipping immediately.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New ThermTX 44 Rotary Heat Transfer 3-in-1 Calendar Shipping

Perfect Calendar for 44-inch Dye Sub Printers From Mutoh and EPSON

Graphics One is pleased to announce the shipment of the new ThermTX 44-inch rotary 3-in-1 rotary heat press calendar.

The new ThermTX 44-inch calendar is a truly affordable and an easy-to-use rotary press for a broad range of textile applications. Fully featured and delivering three-in-one capabilities including roll-to-roll, cut-piece and dye fixing for direct-to-textile, the ThermTX 44 offers capabilities unheard of at this price point.

The new ThermTX calendar uses solid steel construction with a 7.8-inch (200 mm) drum for fast and efficient transfers. Heat is controlled with advanced heat sensors which maintain consistent temperature and also facilitates an automated cool down system. The roll feed and take-up system has three mandrels for feeding and three mandrels for take-up. The media system includes a material centering system for quickly loading the calendar for production. Further the unit is totally self-contained and does not need air. Unlike other units, a fixed table for imaging piece goods and sports apparel along with a catch bin for piece parts is included with the ThermTX 44.

According to Dan Barefoot, President, Graphics One, “The 44-inch dye sub market has experienced tremendous growth and we have had many users approach us about offering a 44-inch calendar which could meet the needs of both beginners and professionals. In fact, the designers of the ThermTX 44 used focus groups to ensure the unit was not only easy-to-use for those just starting, but also sported the most advanced features required by sophisticated and demanding users. This unit is positioned perfectly for the 44-inch dye sub market and offers an incredible value for the price.”

The ThermTX 44 Calendar is shipping immediately and has a list price of $12,995. The unit is being distributed by Graphics One, Sun Valley, California along with the newly formed DTX Group (Digital Textile Distribution Group) throughout both North and South America. For added information please go to: ThermTX 44 Info

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Graphics One to Participate in Digital Textile Group (DTX)

New Digital Textile Distribution Organization Announced for North and South America

With the burgeoning digital textile market exploding in the Americas, the new Digital Textile Group, to be known as DTX Group, was formally launched July 1, 2016. Following a successful meeting in Denver, Colorado, of prominent dye sub and direct-to-fabric product providers from both North and South America, the group was formed to provide seamless distribution and support of market-leading digital textile products into these territories.

The goal will be to provide complete turnkey distribution with a focus on consultative sales and support of users in the direct-to-textile market segment. The first manufacturer to work with the DTX Group will be Impressions Technology, Sydney, Australia, whose GoTx Digital Textile line will be distributed in the Americas by the organization.

According to Steve Richardson, Managing Director of Impression Technology, “We encouraged the creation of this group to enhance the offering of our product line by channel partners with locations initially just covering the US market. It turns out that our new channel partners in Latin America also wanted to participate, so we encouraged them to join as well.” Richardson added, “It seems the other direct-to-fabric providers in the market operate from one location, and our objective is to provide better coverage and support for the products we offer by using multiple locations. This is a much better model for our customers.”

Dan Barefoot, President of Graphics One spoke on behalf of the DTX Group and its partners:, “We have the finest partners in this business working with us including Advanced Print & Finishing Technologies, Digital 2 You, Digitally Driven, Digital Print Solutions, Graphics One, JVH Technical, Lee’s Screen Process Supply Inc. and several others for the US and Canada markets. In Latin America we have agreements with MTM Soluciones in Mexico, Sign Supply in Colombia and in several weeks after finalizing agreements will announce new partners in Argentina, Brazil, Central America, Ecuador and Peru. There is no doubt this will be the strongest channel for direct-to-fabric products in our industry and we are really excited about the opportunities for providing a far better solution to users in the Americas.”

About DTX Group

The DTX Groups founding member’s websites are as follows:,,,,,,, and Additionally, the group’s formal website will launch in several weeks and will be located at

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mogk Rotary Calendar with 13.8 Inch Drum Announced

New 71-inch 3-1 Calendar with 13.8-inch Drum

Graphics One is pleased to announce the shipment of a new 71-inch 3-in-1 industrial rotary calendar heat transfer system in the North American and South American markets. The new Mogk (pronounced Mok), Calendar MTC-1800 offers a 3-in-1 capability for roll-to-roll, direct-to-transfer and cut sheet heat transfer applications. With a jumbo 13.8-inch oil drum, the Mogk Calendar MTC-1800 boasts a fast transfer imaging speed of up to 19 feet (6 meters) per minute making it the preferred choice of professionals for industrial high volume textile transfer productions.

The Mogk Calendar MTC-1800 comes loaded with industry leading performance and safety features including automatic felt alignment and protection system, industrial fabric tensioning system, auxiliary belt system with reverse rotation, innovative “No Power Break System” that prevents damages to the unit in case of power outages, integrated 24-inch heavy duty glass working table with optional extension tables and user-friendly touchscreen controls with emergency control buttons. Additionally, the Mogk MTC-1800 is made in the Americas and comes with a five-year warranty on the heating elements and one year warranty on the unit.

Mogk is located in Blumenau, Brazil in the middle of the largest digital textile manufacturing area in Latin America. Mogk was the first manufacturer of calendars in Latin America is known for their incredibly high level of quality and reliability.

The Mogk Calendar MTC-1800 has a list price of $47,995 and is shipping immediately through the Graphics One channel of premier sales partners.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Why Buy a 24-inch Pro Solution When a Pro 44-inch Dye Sub System Costs Less?

Imagine a Pro 24-inch System Costing More than a 44-inch Dye Sub System!
Thinking of upgrading from a desktop dye sub system or starting with a new dye sub system? As you ponder this question we are sure one of the questions will be whether to migrate to the next size up such as a 24-inch system, or go to a full 44-inch system? Our answer, as you will note below is, go for the 44-inch system. It makes sense financially for both short and long term...and is lower cost. And, the 44-inch offers far more capabilities and opportunities to make money as compared to the 24-inch system. By the way, did we mention the 44-inch system costs less!

What does a 24-inch or 44-inch system include? It includes the following components. 
  • Printer
  • Media Take-up
  • Printer Stand
  • Dye Sub Ink
  • Dye Sub Paper
  • Heat Press
The full outline of a 24-inch system from Conde and a 44-inch system from Graphics One is outlined in the following chart. It is important to note that in the end a user will pay less for the 44-inch system than for the 24-inch system. It's a fact.  
24-inch System Bundle vs 44-inch System Bundle
More for Less.
PrinterSawgrass Virtuoso 628Mutoh RJ-900X
Printer Width24-inches44-inches
Percentage Difference83% Larger
Dye Sub InkSawgrassGO NeoTack Dye Sub Ink
Stand Price$299Included
Cost of Ink / Liter$495$115
Ink IncludedNoYes
Ink Startup Cost$880Included
Printer Price$5,995$7,495
Optional RIP$1,495 (Ergosoft)$995 (Wasatch)
Heat PressKnight DK 32Metalnox EL 900
Heat Press Size26”x32”27.5”x43”
Heat Press Price$6,195$6,495
Percentage Difference in Size42% Larger
Total Solution Price$14,060$14,996
Special Bundle Price$14,137$13,995
Special Price of $12,263 plus cost of stand $299, Ink $880 and Take-up $695.

Graphics One Offers Larger Printer and Larger Heat Press--MORE FOR LESS

You might ask what are the differences between the two offerings? Yes, there are differences. In the 44-inch system offered by Graphics One, the RJ-900X is 83% larger than the 24-inch Virtuoso VJ 628 dye sub printer. Another huge difference is that the system offered by Graphics One includes the Metalnox EL 900 Heat Press whereas the Conde system offers the Geo Knight DK32 Heat Press. The EL 900 is a much larger press and offers 42% more transfer space than the DK32. The DK32 is a very limiting heat press in size and will substantially limit the sizes. The EL 900 is the perfect size for the 44-inch Mutoh printer. If you would like to read a comparison between the Geo Knight DK32 and the Metalnox EL 900 please go to: Knight DK32 vs Metalnox EL 900 Heat Presses.

Use GO NeoTack Dye Sub Ink and Save Enough to Buy A New RJ-900X
Would you like to add on more savings? Can you imagine saving enough money using GO NeoTack instead of Sawgrass Dye Sub ink? We can show you how you can save over $9,000 with the purchase of GO NeoTack Dye Sub ink rather than Sawgrass Dye Sub Ink. Please read here Using GO NeoTack Saves Over $9,000.

Full 44-inch System From Graphics One--More Costs Less!
For added information on the complete GO 44-inch dye sublimation system, please go to: 44-inch Dye Sub Printer / Heat Press System.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mutoh RJ-900X vs Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ628--RJ-900 Saves Over $9,240 in ONE YEAR!

Mutoh RJ-900X Using GO NeoTack Ink Saves Big!

The new Sawgrass Virtuoso 24-inch dye sub printer branded as the VJ628 has been recently launched worldwide by Sawgrass. Based on the 24-inch VJ628 from Mutoh, this Sawgrass version of the printer has a good ink security system so that a user can only use Sawgrass ink. Of course, this is great for Sawgrass, but not so great for users. As you will note below, Sawgrass really charge exorbitant prices at an equivalent price of $495 per liter. Yes, you are reading this right, $495 per liter. 

For comparison purposes, our GO NeoTack Dye Sub ink, offering the industry's most "outrageous color gamut" is only $115 per liter. So, how can you save $9,240 in one year? If you use four liters of ink per month, a very conservative estimate, your cost with Sawgrass would be $20,490 annually with the printer. If you use GO's NeoTack dye sub ink four liters per month, the cost would be $11,250 including the printer, giving you a savings of over $9,240 annually. In fact, if you use GO's NeoTack as outlined below, you will save enough in one year to buy another RJ-900 printer. It's like receiving a free printer!

Sawgrass 628 vs Mutoh RJ-900X
83% Larger Printer with Annual Savings of $9,240
PrinterSawgrass Virtuoso 628Mutoh RJ-900X
Printer Width24-inches44-inches
Percentage Difference83% Larger
Dye Sub InkSawgrassGO NeoTack Dye Sub Ink
Dye Sub Size / Price220 ml $1101 Liter (1000 ml) $115
Cartridges / Printer84
Cost for 4 Liters (Comparison)$1,980$460
Forecasted Usage (24 liters)$12,000$2,760
Total Different Ink Colors819
Optional RIP$1,495 (Ergosoft)$995 (Wasatch)
Printer List Price$5,995*$7,495
Total Cost for One Year$20,490$11,250
Total Annual Savings with GO Solution $9,240
*GO provides 1 liter per color in start-up kit, an immediate savings of $1,540 as compared to the Sawgrass ink included with the 628 bundle.
For added information about GO's NeoTack Dye Sub Ink please go to: GO NeoTack Info. If you need information about the Mutoh RJ-900X please click on: Mutoh RJ-900X Info.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Small Format LED UV Inkjet Flatbed Comparison Between Compress iUV-600s and Other UV Brands

Comparison Between Compress iUV-600s and DCS 1024UVMVP, GoVivid Wave, LogoJet UVx60, Mimaki UJF-6042, Mutoh 426UF and Roland LEF-20 UV Printers

Please click on the following to see an overview of how the Compress iUV-600s compares to the Direct Color Systems (DCS) 1024UVMVP, GoVivid Wave, LogoJet UVx60, Mimaki UJF-6042, Mutoh 426UF and Roland LEF-20 Printers. For other information about the Compress iUV-600s please go to: Compress iUV-600s Info

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Compress iUV-1200s Competitive Comparison to DCS 7200Z, Inkcups X2, Mimaki UJF-7150 Plus and Roland LEF 300

Please click on the following to see an overview of how the Compress iUV-1200s compares to the Direct Color Systems (DCS) 7200Z, Inkcups X2, Mimaki UJF-7150 Plus and Roland LEF 300. For other information about the Compress iUV-1200s please go to: iUV-1200s Info

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Compress iUV-1200s World Premiere at FESPA Amsterdam Bigger. Deeper. Faster. Real UV Value

New 43-inch by 24-inch by 12-inch Depth with Speeds Up to 300 sq ft / hour

Compress, a division of Imaging Technology, will premiere their new 47-inch mid range UV inkjet printer at the FESPA 2016 show in Amsterdam. The new iUV-1200s is part of the iUV LED inkjet printer family, including the iUV-600s, a 24-inch by 18-inch version and the iUV-600XL, a 24-inch by 47-inch version. The 600 series was previously sold under the GO F-24 brand name. 

The launch of the Compress iUV-1200s will create a new standard for mid-sized UV inkjet printers. With a printing space of 43-inches by 24-inches along with a depth of 12-inches there is not another printer offering comparable size. Even more impressive is the unit has a top speed of over 300 sq ft per hour when imaging dual CMYK in draft mode. It is very impressive. 

This unit was developed as a workhorse for the industrial decoration and promotional goods imaging markets. 

A preliminary overview of the new printer is as follows:
• Wider: Overall Flatbed Area: 47” x 24” with Max. Print Width: 43”
• Deeper: Delivers the Largest Material Thickness Opening of 12-inches 
• Faster: Printing Speed of Up to 300 sq ft per hour
• Over 12,384 Cubic Inches of Printing Space
• High Resolution Imaging up to 1440 dpi
• Robust Print Engine: 6-Color Channel with Advanced EPSON Printheads
• Automatic White Ink Re-Circulation and Ink Filtration System
• Packed with 14 Great Features Including Dual Liquid Cooled UV Lamp System and More
• Optional Software for Braille and Textured Printing
• Optional Rotary Tool for Printing on Cylinders and Customizable Acrylic Jigs with Users Specs

The Compress iUV-1200s will start shipping in April and will have a list price of $44,995.

For a presentation on the new Compress iUV-1200s please go to: Compress iUV-1200s Info.

Friday, February 19, 2016

GO F-24 Brand Name to be Discontinued

GO F-24 Now Compress iUV Product Name with Three UV Printers

Graphics One will discontinue its GO UV printer branding and will now use the manufacturer’s brand name Compress.  This change over will become effective March 1, 2016.
Compress is a division of Impression Technology, Sydney, Australia, and the manufacturer of the UV printers now branded as the GO F-24. Impression Technology and GO have had an increasingly close relationship and it was felt both companies could benefit from using the original brand name. With both companies being very active in marketing there was far more synergy to be gained from having a common brand.
Additionally, Graphics One is also working with, another division of Impression Technology, and closely aligning all of its marketing and distribution activities to take advantage of each company’s strengths.
The brand changeover will be changed as follows:
GO F-24+ will now be Compress iUV-600s
GO F-24XL+ will now be Compress iUV-600XL
New Product is Compress iUV-1200s
For added information about the Compress iUV Printer product line please go to:

Saturday, February 13, 2016

New Fuze 32 Heat Press Perfect for 24-inch Dye Sub Printers--$3,995

Perfect for 24-inch Dye Sub Printers from EPSON, Mutoh and Sawgrass

With the recent launch of mid-range 24-inch dye sub printers, users have been requesting a heat press which has a small footprint and offers a platen size matching the printer widths. Graphics One has the answer with the launch of the new Fuze 32 Heat Press.

The new Fuze Heat Press line is a high quality professional line of heat presses which are being distributed by Graphics One. Starting with Fuze 32, a 25.5-inch by 31.5-inch manual heat press, this line is meant for users who are advancing into large format dye sublimation or advanced users who are adding extra capacity and require a larger heat press.  

The Fuze 32 accommodates oversized imaging from either EPSON, Mutoh or Sawgrass 24-inch dye sub printers. With an easy-glide drawer, the manual Fuze 32 is super easy to operate and provides digital time and temperature controls. With a list price of $3,995, the Fuze 32 establishes a price performance level not offered by other heat presses at this size.

An overview of the features of the Fuze 32 are as follows:
  • 25.5" x 31.5" Industrial Heat Press
  • Perfectly Sized for 24-inch Wide Printers Such as Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ 628 and EPSON Printers
  • Easy-glide Pull Out Drawer
  • Consistent Heat and Pressure
  • Adustable Manual System
  • Small Footprint Perfect for 24-inch Printing System
  • 240 Volts, Single Phase
  • Made in the Americas
  • Only $3,995

For added information please go to: Fuze 32 Heat Press.