Friday, October 18, 2013

Wider, Deeper and Faster: GO F-24 Small Format UV Flatbed Printer

We will show the GO F-24 and have already enhanced the overall capabilities of this unit. An overview is:

-The F-24 bed size is actually 24-inches x 17.77-inches which means you can print up to the edge of 18-inches.

-The gantry depth is 10-inches which means our gantry is the deepest of any UV flatbed under 24-inches in width.

-The F-24 images at over 100 sq feet per hour.

Applications--Promo and Signage
-Our focus at SGIA will be on the promotional market where we will show jigs holding golf balls, bottle openers and triangular highlighter with three different colors of highlighters. Our manufacturing partner is providing us with customizable jigs (which you will be able to order) for the promotional markets. When these jigs are combined with the rapid printing speed of the F-24, the unit offers the strongest value proposition of any UV printers under 24-inches in width.

-The other market which we will focus is the yardage sign market. The standard sizes in the US are: 12”x18”, 12”x24”, 18”x24”, 24”x24” and 24”x36”. Most of the market in the US is focused on 18”x24” which of course we can do with the F-24.

-For added information please review the competitive information on other flatbeds at: The F-24 offers:

  • Faster speed
  • Wider size
  • Deeper gantry
  • Customizable  jigs
  • Standard sign size (only one that can print 24”x18”)
  • Best ink price

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

GO to Exhibit Wide Array of New Products at SGIA

One week from tomorrow, SGIA opens in Orlando, Florida. Specialty printers from around the world will convene at the Orange County International Exhibition Center and Graphics One will be there in full force with a full complement of new products.

During SGIA GO will exhibit the following products in booth 2482:
  • GO e-UV System--Turn an eco printer into a UV roll-to-roll printer for only $4,995
  • GO F-24 UV Printer--GO Fast, GO Wide. New 24-inch by 16-inch UV printer
  • GO UNO and OKI 920WT--Professional high speed transfer printers
  • Metalnox u-Show Press--Shoe transfer heat press
  • Metalnox EL 600--16-inch by 20-inch swing-away heat press
  • Metalnox EL 800--20-inch by 28-inch heavy duty manual heat press
  • Metalnox PTA 8000--Fully automatic dual shuttle vacuum 33.5-inch by 43-inch heat press
  • Metalnox PTS 900--Semi automatic 25-inch by 40-inch semi automatic pull out drawer heat press
  • Metalnox PTS 950 Basic--28-inch by 39-innch semi-automatic pneumatic heat press
  • GO RIO RJ-900X--44-inch dye sub printer with NeoTack dye sub ink and NeoPro 70 gsm dye sub paper
  • Mutoh 1638--64-inch high speed dye sub printer with eight NeoTack dye sub ink colors and 100 gsm NeoTack dye sub paper
GO will also have products in the DAPZ Zone exhibiting new and innovative products. Please stop by and say hello and also give us a chance to introduce our new products to you.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Twelve Reasons You Should be Interested in GO's New e-UV Ink

Convert an eco printer to UV for $4,995?
Really? Here's twelve reasons: 
  • Convert virtually any eco-solvent roll-to-roll printer to UV roll-to-roll for only $4,995
  • Compatible with standard eco-solvent printers with EPSON print heads
  • Lower carbon footprint than eco-solvent or latex
  • Incredible image quality and elongation for image flexibility
  • Superior UV stability and ultra strong adhesion
  • Ink consumption up to 30% less
  • UV curing lamp last for the life of the printer (up to 10,000 hours)
  • Low power consumption
  • Image usable immediately after printing
  • Enhances print head life
  • Outstanding outdoor and indoor longevity
  • Value pricing at much less than OEM eco-solvent ink
For more information click:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

GO to Launch F-24 UV LED High Speed Flatbed at SGIA in October

Orlando, Florida will be the site of the launch of GO's new 24-inch high speed UV flatbed launch. This is an exciting launch with our first foray into the promotional and industrial UV market space. With the ability to print on many surfaces at the highest speed for any UV printer under 24-inches, the F-24 is a valuable addition to anyone needing on-demand printing on virtually any 24-inch by 16-inch substrate. The F-24 offers many capabilities only available on far larger and far more expensive units. An overview is:

• Up to 1440 dpi
• Print speeds of over 100 sq ft/hour CMYK
• 24” x 18” print area 
• 10” Gantry thickness for printing thick objects
• Eight color channel piezo drop-on-demand printheads
• White Ink Ready (WIR) provides ink circulation and pressurized pumps to reduce head clogging and maintenance downtime making sure your white ink is ready when you are.
• One Pass (OP) is a patent-pending process allowing white base and colors to be printed in one pass.
• InterWave Dot Technology (IWDT) developed for UV imaging significantly reduces banding in your prints. 
• Laser Printhead Protection (LPP) drastically reduces printhead strikes by using light sensors to detect any print path obstructions and while maintaining your prints
• C,M,Y,K, White and Clear UV inks (available in 250ml, 500ml or 1 liter bottles)
• GO’s F-24 RIP

For added information on this outstanding new printer please go to: