Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Graphics One Announces Partnership with Heat Press and Calendar Manufacturer Metalnox

Graphics One, LLC (GO) has announced its partnership with Metalnox, a provider of heavy duty calendars and industrial heat presses in the Americas.

Metalnox has been manufacturing outstanding equipment since 1982 and offers a complete quality line of heat transfer equipment with original patented technology. The Metalnox heat press and calendar lines offer the most competitive capabilities for industrial transfer applications. Along with this, Graphics One is pleased to offer free installation and onsite service with the Metalnox units.

The Metalnox heat press systems offer exclusive patented technology including Full Automation, Auto Shuttle, and a unique Paper Vacuum System. While the automated technology promises efficiency, precision, and ease of use, the dual shuttles seen in the GO Metalnox 8000AV PRO and 12000AV PRO allow for two continuous pressing jobs. The Paper Vacuum System eliminates the need for tack dye sub paper and enables the use of generic transfer paper to produce crisp, clear images with no ghosting. The quality of the Metalnox units is further displayed with a platen for life warranty in addition to a one year warranty on all consumable items.

Additionally, Graphics One is pleased to announce its GO Metalnox Premium Support working with a nationwide network of dealers to offer installation assistance and onsite support for the GO Metalnox line. This program ensures both premier quality and technical support.

According to Kerby Bonilla, GO Tech Support, “We are very excited to offer the GO Metalnox line of heat presses and calendars. The quality and performance value surpass that of other heat press equipment in the Americas, especially with the value of a lifetime warranty on the platen, one year warranty on all consumable parts, and onsite service from Graphics One and its dealer partners.”

Monday, February 18, 2013

Graphics One Launches GO MaxCut 28 Contour Vinyl Cutter $1,295

Contour Cutter with Server Motor
GO MaxCut 28
With the ability to accept up to 28-inch wide rolls of media and 24-inch cutting, the MaxCut is the first of a new line of cutters Graphics One will offer. The new MaxCut 28 uses servo motor technology for fast cutting at 26 ips with "Ultra Smooth" cutting not offered by other cutters. The unit comes with a special version of FlexiStarter and offers value pricing at $1,295. Our initial units will ship with our MRS capability which uses a laser for cutting. In addition to our new 24-inch unit, GO will also offer our MaxCut 54 priced at $1,995 and MaxCut 68 at $2,995

The applications for this unit include heat transfer film cutting, vinyl cutting, window film cutting, print-n-cut cutting using either inkjet or OKI LED printers. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

GO MiniMax Desktop Cutter Coming--16-inch Contour Cutter with Servo Motor Only $995

Over the past many months we have been visited by and have visited a number of companies manufacturing contour cutters. After careful review we have been working with one manufacturer to develop a new line of cutters specifically to Graphics One's requirements. The first cutter to be offered will be the GO MiniMax, a 16-inch desktop contour cutter featuring servo smooth cut capabilities. Listed at only $995, the MiniMax offers great speed, high pressure and is bundled the cloud version of FlexiStarter software. Additionally, for the next two months GO will include the stand as well. A quick overview is as follows:
16-inch Professional Tabletop Vinyl Contour Cutter 
• Print-n-Cut System for the OKI and GO LED Transfer Printers
• Optical Laser Sensor System
• Up to 750 grams of Cutting Force
• Includes FlexiStarter Cloud Software

• Servo Motor Controlled for Smooth Contoured Cuts

Friday, February 8, 2013

Graphics One is On SnapGuide with "How to Make a T-shirt in Under 60 Seconds"

Graphics One has completed its first SnapGuide as you will see here: How To Make a T-shirt in Under 60 Seconds.

The fact that we can image a t-shirt or garment complete in under 60 seconds is amazing. Consider this: the printer images the transfer sheet in 2 seconds, the heat press takes 30-40 seconds and the t-shirt is complete and ready to sell or use. The printer which is used for this is the GO UNO LED Transfer printer listing for $2,195. Additionally our GO UNO Transfer Paper is unique in that the paper is "no cut, no weed" and is super easy to use. Add a heat press and you are in business. In fact Graphics One offers a complete "Start Your Own T-shirt / Garment Business" for only $2,995. This package includes all the equipment needed to start. For added information please go to: GO UNO LED Transfer Printer

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Graphics One Launches Mutoh ValueJet 1638W Dye Sub Printer with GO NeoTack Dye Sub Ink

  • With the launch of the new GO NeoTack Dye Sub ink, Graphics One is announcing the availability of the Mutoh ValueJet 1638W Dye Sub Printer with the new NeoTack ink. With the ability to print in 4, 6 or 8 color mode using dual printheads, GO's NeoTack Dye Sub Ink is a perfect fit for the VJ 1638 printer. With traditional CMYK NeoTack, a user can also work with the three neon colors, Neon Yellow, Neon Red and Neon Blue and then add one of the other five colors, including Orange or Blue. At a printing speed of up to 1,000 square feet per hour, the ValueJet 1638W printer is the fastest dye sub printer available at this price point. With the purchase of the 1638W, Graphics One will include its media handling system and its GO InkPack bulk ink system for 4,6 or 8 colors. Additionally, a special version of Wasatch is available as an option for inclusion with the printer. For added information please go to: Mutoh ValueJet 1638W Dye Sub Printer.