Monday, December 30, 2013

GO Wide: GO F-24 Small Format UV Flatbed Printer

Is flatbed bed size important? 

At 24-inches by 18-inches, the bed of the GO F-24 UV flatbed printer offers one of the largest sizes of any professional flatbed printer under 24-inches. For the purposes of comparison, the image shows the full size of the F-24 vs. the Mimaki UJF-6042, the Roland LEF-20, the DCS 1024UV. As you will note, the F-24 offers 432 sq. inches, the UJF offers 396 sq. inches, the LEF-20 offers 260 sq. inches and the 1024UV offers 240 sq inches. 

We started off by asking, "is size important?" The answer is yes. Having a larger size means more products can be imaged at one time. GO's F-24 small format UV printer is the clear leader with the size metric. For added information about the GO 24 UV, please go to: 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Metalnox QuickLook Book Catalog Now Available

Graphics One is pleased to release its latest QuickLook Book covering the Metalnox line of industrial heat presses, calendars and ancillary products. The catalog is 20 pages and contains information covering Metalnox and dye sub / transfer technology. The QuickLook Book can be accessed at: Metalnox QuickLook PDF (PDF version) or Metalnox QuickLook Catalog (for online catalog). 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sawgrass's ChromaBlast-R Cotton Transfer System / Ink a Threat to DTG?

Several weeks ago Sawgrass announced the release of a new cotton transfer ink for Ricoh Printers called ChromaBlast-R. This announcement is a really interesting twist to the world of DTG and to the world of transfers. Of course Sawgrass had previously announced a solution for specific EPSON printers, but the inclusion of pigement ink for RICOH print engines gives them a strategic advantage. The reason for this is there are so many different brands of EPSON based DTG printers coming from Asia it is a challenge to understand which printers really work. Certainly from a channel perspective Sawgrass has a much better opportunity with the RICOH print engine, and we expect a more precise marketing message. 

The announcement offers some real advantages against DTG offerings and it will be interesting to follow Sawgrass as they migrate this product into their traditional sales channel.  Our overall impression is they should do well with the product and here's why (all based on reading, no actual usage):

Here are some product details on the ChromaBlast R printer, ink and paper. 
  • RICOH Printer with one set of ChromaBlast R Ink $1,639 (from Sign Warehouse)
  • 100 sheets of ChromaBlast Transfer Media $75
  • 60 mil ChromaBlast Pigment Ink $90
An overview of how the ChromaBlast R product compares to other DTG products is as follows:


  • Print engine costs substantially less than other DTG printers
  • Only offering of desktop RICOH inkjet printers which makes for a better integrated solution
  • Full solution including printer, ink and paper
  • Ink costs seem to be less, although this metric is a bit misleading
  • Speed is superior 
  • Hand is good after garment is washed
  • Longevity of transfer is good

  • No white ink solution at this time
  • Imaging is not direct; print to paper and then transfer
  • Must factor both transfer paper and ink into cost per shirt calculations
  • Must wash garment because paper transfer leaves a polymer coating

Sawgrass ChromaBlast R vs EPSON SureColor F2000
How does the new offering from Sawgrass compete with the "Big E's" new SureColor F2000? We think Sawgrass offers a better value.  Here's a quick rundown of the F2000 and a simple cost comparison:

  • EPSON SureColor F2000 Printer-$19,995
  • 600 ml Ink Cartridges $229.50
  • EPSON Pre-treatment Solution (20 Liter Bottle) $679.95
  • Printhead Cleaning Kit (Every 1000 Images) $94.95 
As you will note above, the cost of entry for the RICOH system from Sawgrass is much lower by a factor of ten times. Whereas the everyday running costs of the RICOH may be a bit higher than the EPSON system, when all is taken into consideration the daily costs seem to be similar. With both systems there is no mention of printhead replacement costs. 

Our overall impression of the new product from Sawgrass, as compared to DTG is positive. We will address how the product compares to transfer printers, such as the GO UNO and OKI 920WT in a later post. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

OKI Data Americas Announces Line of Transfer Media for Use with pro920WT and 711WT Digital Color Printers

Earlier this year OKI Data Americas announced the availability of a new and broader range of transfer media offerings approved for use with the OKIpro920WT and 711WT digital color printers – the GO FlipIt 2.0 line and the GO UNO line. These two lines of transfer papers were thoroughly vetted and selected based on their ease of use, exceptional print quality and ability to deliver bright white transfers, together with the elasticity, durability and soft hand of the finished product. All media is available through Graphics One – an authorized reseller and national distribution partner for both OKI printers (Press Release is located at: 

For added information regarding this line of media please see: 

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