Monday, August 28, 2017

OKI Pro8432WT Textile Transfer Printer Video

Overview of OKI's new Pro8432WT Textile Transfer Printer with white toner, including an explanation of the overall t-shirt transfer process including using Forever Laser Dark no cut and Hotronix Fusion Heat Press. For further information please go to:

Monday, June 12, 2017

OKI's Pro8432WT Textile Transfer Printer Launched

OKI has unveiled the next generation white toner textile transfer printer, the OKI Pro8432WT. This new unit replaces the OKI Pro920WT and is available through Graphics One and its distribution partners in North America.

The new Pro8432WT is designed to fit any print shop, design studio or even a spare bedroom where space is at a premium. The printer and accessories do not require a great deal of room, yet provide a strong alternative to silk screen and other decorative methods. Thanks to its easy set-up, a user can be in business in a short period of time. 

Printing with white toner, the Pro8432WT can produce full-color transfers which are already weeded and ready for transferring to black, dark, light or white t-shirts. Manufactured to be compatible with virtually all of the transfer media brands, especially GO's FlipIt 2.0, the unit offers immediate access to high-value revenue opportunities with minimal investment. 

Amazingly the Pro8432WT is compatible with so many different transfer media and can be used to decorate virtually any substrate from cotton and man-made synthetic fibers to metal, glass acrylic and even wood. Graphics One offers a wide array of media types for use with the new printer. Additionally, by combining the unit with a swing away heat press--such as the Fuze 1620 or the Hotronix Fusion--a full system has a far lower price than other digital printing technologies such as direct-to-garment, sublimation and even screen printing. 

The Pro8432WT design is optimized for transfer media printing using specialty toner technology which delivers strong white opacity and vivid colors which last in the wash. 

Best of all the list price of $6,895 is less than competing technologies and can be combined with heat presses for a complete system at less than $8,000. Included with each printer is the GO OKI Start-up kit which includes toner, paper, professional t-shirt folder, heat resistant gloves, heat resistant tape and dispenser, webcam for training and other unique add-ons only offered via Graphics One and their distribution partners. 

For added information regarding the OKI Textile Transfer Printers please call +1-818-260-9591,  write or click here:  OKI Pro8432WT Info

Free Start-up Kit with All OKI Transfer Textile Units

Graphics One is pleased to announce the release of its Start-up Kit for Textile Transfer Printers from OKI. This new kit is only available via Graphics One and its distribution partners.

The kit includes start-up OKI toners, transfer papers for t-shirts, clear logo garment centering tool, Magik Fabric Pen, Professional T-shirt Folder, Heat Resistant Gloves, Heat Transfer Tape and Dispenser and Training webcam.

The Start-up Kit comes with the following three OKI Textile Transfer Printers: Pro8432WT, C711WT and 831-TS.

For added information regarding the GO Start-up Kits please call +1-818-260-9591,  write or click here:  OKI Pro8432WT Info

Monday, June 5, 2017

Info on OKI Pro8432WT Toner

As with other OKI transfer printers, the new OKI Pro8432WT ships with a starter set of toners. The starter set includes 5,000-page Cyan, Magenta, Yellow starter cartridges and a 4,000-page White toner cartridge. The standard cartridge yield for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow is 10,000 pages and for White, 4,500 pages, with pricing for toner and image drums as follows:

What does the OKI Pro8432WT printer ship with in the box? The OKI Pro8432WT ships with a starter set of toner, professional t-shirt folde, transfer paper, heat resistant tape and dispenser, heat resistant gloves, special fabric marking pen, clear logo placement ruler webcam for training purposes. This free start-up kit only comes from Graphics One and our distribution partners. 

For further information please click: OKI Pro8432WT Info or call +1-818-260-9591. 

What Are Major Differences Between New OKI Pro8432WT and OKI Pro920WT

More Reliable with Smaller Footprint at a Lower Price
We have received a number of questions regarding the differences between the Pro8432WT and the Pro920WT from OKI Data. The following provides a brief comparison:

Main Differences Between the OKI Pro8432WT and the OKI Pro920WT

1. The Pro84323WT is based upon new print engine technology.  The OKI Pro829WT is based upon technology which is almost ten years old.

2. The Pro8432WT weighs approximately 80 pounds and the Pro920WT is approximately 160 pounds, twice the weight.

3. The Pro8432WT is far more compact and has a much smaller footprint than the Pro920WT printer.

4. The Pro8432WT has a two-year onsite warranty and the Pro920WT has a one-year onsite warranty.

5. The Pro8432WT has a paper range of 64 to 256 gsm. The Pro920WT accepts 75 to 216 gsm.

6. The Pro8432WT offers tabloid size (11”x17”) whereas the Pro920WT offers tabloid extra size (12”x18”).

7. The Pro8432WT set of full toners (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and White) lists for $818 whereas the Pro920WT toner set list price is $913.

8. The Pro8432WT has a list price of $6,895 and the Pro920WT lists for $7,495.

What does this mean? The New OKI Pro8432WT offers new technology at a lower price with a smaller footprint and even better reliability than the OKI Pro920WT printer.

For more information please click: Pro8432WT Info or call +1-818-679-8075.

Friday, June 2, 2017

OKI Pro8432WT Printer and Toner Pricing

Following on the announcement of the new OKI Pro8432WT Printer launch, OKI has now released the list pricing for the printer and toner for this unit. The pricing, along with estimated usage, is as follows:

As with all OKI transfer printers sold through the Graphics One distribution network, the Pro8432WT comes with an exclusive start-up kit and online training. 

For further information on the new OKI Pro8432WT, please contact Graphics One at 1-818-260-9591 or click: OKI Pro8432WT Info for added information. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

OKI to Announce New Pro8432WT Tabloid Printer with White Toner

Over the next few weeks you will start to read stories about the new OKI PRO8432WT printer as a replacement for the OKI 920WT. This new printer is a four color tabloid-sized unit and offers CMY and White toners. The unit is being announced in the US market in the next few weeks and will start to ship in late June. 

We are expecting the list price to be at $6,995 or less. 

As with the other OKI units, GO will be providing a Free OKI Start-up Kit with all OKI transfer units, including the PRO 8432WT printer. We will also include one hour of free training online through our dealer partners. 

For added information, please contact Graphics One at 1-818-260-9591 or go to our website at