Monday, May 12, 2014

Mutoh VJ 628 Full Pricing vs Mimaki, Roland and Graphics One

As mentioned in one of our earlier posts, the new Mutoh VJ 628 is positioned really well in the eco market. Since the unit is a 24-inch eco-solvent unit without cutter, along with its price of $6,495, makes this unit a competitive offering and we expect this product to sell well. Of course, the unit does not ship standard with ink or with stand so we expect users will probably opt for these add-ons. Mutoh's start-up ink kit lists for $850 and includes 8 220 ml Eco-Ultra ink cassettes. Add the print stand for $299 and the complete printer package lists for $7,645. Additionally, we expect Mutoh to do some type of bundle with their ValueCut 24 which lists for $2,495 for a total (no discount included at this time) of $10,140. 

How Does this Compare?
The main competition is from Roland and Mimaki. The Roland BN-20 with ink and stand lists for $9,321 and the Mimaki CJV30-60 lists for $12,995 including a full set of ink and stand. How do the ink costs compare? Mutoh's list for 220 ml cassettes is $70, the same as Roland's standard color pricing. Mimaki sells in 440 ml cassettes at a price of approximately $130.  Of course, GO's X-24's list of $7,995 includes the ink and the stand making it the lowest cost unit in this market segment. GO's EcoColor ink lists for $45 for 220 ml cassettes. 

  • Mutoh VJ 628--$9,847 / $7,645 (without cutter)
  • Mimaki CJV30-60--$12,995
  • Roland BN-20--$9,321
  • GO X-24--$7,995

GO X-24 Integrated 24-inch Printer / Cutter
For more information about GO's X-24 please go to: More Info GO X-24


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