Friday, July 31, 2015

OKI C831-TS--T-shirts and More

After a slow start we are happy to report the OKI C831-TS is gaining momentum, and for good reasons. As part of marketing the OKI C831-TS we continually say, “ OKI C831-TS Printer—T-shirts and More.” Yes, no doubt the C831-TS provides far more than just t-shirts and is also one of OKI’s most reliable printers. For sure, the OKI C831-TS is a winner.

Besides T-shirts, what can the OKI C831-TS do? See below for ideas and bundles Graphics One offers, including: 

·         OKI C831-TS Golf Pack Bundle--Click: Golf Bundle
·         OKI C831-TS Signage Bundle--Click: Signage Bundle
·         OKI C831-TS Promo Item Bundle--Click: Promo Item Bundle
·         OKI C831-TS Mug Bundle--Click: Mug Bundle
·         OKI C831-TS Water Bottle Bundle--Click: Water Bottle Bundle

The reliability and versatility of the OKI C831-TS makes this a great choice for anyone wishing to become involved in digital imaging of "T-shirts and More." 

For more information on the OKI product line please Click: OKI LED Transfer Printers.


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