Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wasatch and Graphics One Team to Profile GO NeoTack for Use with Mutoh VJ 1638W Dye Sub Printer

Recently Graphics One hosted Wasatch to profile GO's NeoTack Dye Sub Ink for use with Mutoh's 1638W Dye Sub Printer. The challenge with the new ink is to profile NeoTack CMYK (Super Black) with three neon colors--Neon Red, Neon Yellow and Neon Blue-with Orange without sacrificing speed or quality. Richard and Kerby successfully completed a number of ICC profiles of our Neon Dye Sub colors and also enhanced our Super Black dye sub ink results. The results have been astonishing.

We are able to print at full speed 360x360--approximately 1000 sq feet per hour, without any banding. Additionally, the colors pop and offer a density not seen in the market previously. The configuration is using Wasatch SoftRIP with Mutoh's VJ 1638W Dye Sub printer imaging GO NeoTack dye sub ink in an eight color mode. The density of the colors and the lack of banding makes this one of the best combinations we have seen in the market. Graphics One will be showing this configuration during the ISA show next week in Las Vegas.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

GO to Launch New 36-inch Print-and-Cut at ISA

Here is a Sneak Peak at one of the fantastic new products GO will launch.Yes, the GO EcoColor is a true Print-and-Cut inkjet. Here is an overview:

•Integrated Printer and Cutter
•EPSON Printhead Technology
•4 Color Eco-Solvent or SEPIAX Capable
•Market Leading Eco-solvent Ink
•Media Size Up to 36-inches
•Cutting Speed Up to 24 ips
•Extended Triple Heating System with Dryer
•Printing Speed Up to 95 Sq ft
•Industry Leading Cut-and-Print RIP
•X-Rite Color Management Tools

Not only will the new PC36 be offered with value pricing, but the operational costs will be 50% less than others currently offer. Our GO EcoColor Eco Ink 440 ml cassettes will be priced at $65! Please come see Graphics One at Booth Number 5116. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Six Reasons You Should Try GO NeoTack Dye Sub Ink

What's the big deal you ask? Why should you consider GO's new NeoTack Dye Sublimation Ink. Here's six major reasons you do not want to miss NeoTack:

1. Twelve Outrageous Colors Including Neon Yellow, Neon Red, Neon Blue, CMYK, Super Black Lc, Lm, Orange and Blue.

2. Electric Neon Colors Offer Color Vibrancy and Fluorescence Not Achievable by Other Dye Sub Inks.

3. Vibrant Pop with Neon Colors Combined with  Four, Six or Eight Color Set-up. 

4. Patented Heat Activated Tack Provides Enhanced Tack for Ultra-Sharp Imaging.

5. Eliminates Image Ghosting and Can Decrease Costs by Up to 25% Using Basic Dye Sub Paper.

6. Great Pricing at $125 per Liter InkPack or $65 per 500 ml InkPack.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The 60s and 70s are Back-GO NeoTack and Black Lights!

We hope that you have a chance to read about our GO NeoTack dye sub ink, and who would have guessed GO NeoTack offers even more features. Not only does GO NeoTack offer twelve outrageous colors (including three neon colors), enhanced tack, ultra-sharp edges, but our neon colors also offer true black light ready glow-in-the-dark imaging. Our three neon dye sub ink colors, Neon Yellow, Neon Red and Neon Blue are ready made for your customers who need true fluorescence. GO NeoTack appear very bright under normal light and fluoresce under black light conditions.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More FAQs on GO NeoTack Dye Sub Ink--How Does Tack Work?

Does NeoTack actually have tack in the ink? 
Yes. GO NeoTack’s use of tack is patented and is the only dye sublimation ink to offer this capability.

What impact does the tack have on the flowability of the ink? 
GO NeoTack has been tested for the past twelve months and has completed internal certification for use with the most advanced EPSON printheads. Extensive long term testing ensures the runnability and no clog formulation of the ink.

How does the tack work?
GO NeoTack employs the use of a chemically inert nano-agent which is heat activated at 140 C when using standard heat presses, calendars or other heat units. Once heat is applied, chemical bonding occurs and the ink adheres to both the fabric and the paper.

Does the use of tack totally eliminate the need for tack paper? 
Not in all cases. With some fabrics there is not enough of fabric pile to create a strong bond. In such cases, we recommend testing to ensure tack paper is not needed. When using GO NeoTack without tack paper, a user can expect to save between 10-25% in paper costs.

Can NeoTack be used with tack dye sub paper?
Yes. When NeoTack is used with tack dye paper the user will have super tack capabilities. Users have been astounded with the crisp, clean lines and edges provided when using NeoTack with both standard and tack dye sub papers.

What is the use of tack paper and is there an extra cost for tack paper? 
Tack paper is used to eliminate ghosting or “double imaging” from the heating process. Generally tack dye sub paper is between 10-25% more expensive than normal dye sub paper.

What type of packaging is offered for GO NeoTack?
GO NeoTack is packaged in our InkPack mylar bags and used with our GO bulk ink system. The InkPacks come degassed and eliminate both contaminents and evaporation which occurs with open containers. GO’s InkPacks enhance the overall performance of our ink and are normally used with GO’s low cost bulk ink system.

What is the list price of GO NeoTack?
GO NeoTack’s List Price is $125 per liter and $65 per 500 ml bag.

Are the GO NeoTack inks covered by a patent license?
Yes. All dye sub inks offered by GO are licensed under U.S. Patent No. 5, 488,907.

Does GO offer any special bundles for changing over to GO NeoTack ink?
Yes. The NeoTack (4 Color) changeover costs includes the following items and is listed for $1,035
-Bulk Ink System
-One Liter CMYK Ink
-One Liter Flush
-Four uFill Cassettes
If an 8 color system, please add $310.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

GO NeoTack Dye Sub Ink Neon FAQs

What makes GO NeoTack different than other dye sublimation inks?
GO NeoTack truly offers capabilities not offered by any other dye sublimation inks including:
  •       Twelve Color Dye Sub Inkset Including Three Neon Colors
  •       Neon Colors for Use in Either Composite or Spot Colors
  •       Patented Enhanced Tack For Dye Sub Paper Cost Savings of Up to 25%        
  •       Crisp, Clean Imaging Due to Tack Capabilites
  •       Color Gamut 30-40% Larger with the Use of Neon Colors
  •       Hybrid Capabilities for Both Dye Sublimation and Direct-to-Fabric Imaging
  •       No Clog Formulation for All EPSON Printhead Based Printers
  •       Excellent UV Stability
How many dye sub ink colors are in the NeoTack family?
The GO NeoTack inkset offers twelve colors including traditional Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Neon Red, Neon Yellow, Neon Blue, Super Black, Orange and Violet.

What is the difference between fluo or fluorescent digital dye sub ink and GO's neon dye sub inks? 
The American Screen Printing Association defines fluorescent inks as special inks which contain extremely bright “neon” pigment colors. Within digitial dye sublimation the term fluorescent is used by different companies to mean different things. For example, Sawgrass Technologies offers fluorescent colors which are invisible in natural light, but become visible when exposed to a black light. Most other fluo dye sub inksets are recommended for spot color use only, such as Sensient, not for combining with other colors in their inkset. GO’s neon dye sub inks use neon pigments and offer the ability to image both spot and composite colors and with no black light needed to see the truly outrageous colors.  

Can GO's neon inks be used with the other colors in the inkset?
GO’s NeoTack can be used in both a spot color capacity and also to create composite colors. In fact, in a four color inkset users are astounded with the incredible range of colors produced by NeoTack ink.

Does NeoTack only come only in neon colors?
No. GO NeoTack has traditional CMYK inks as well as the added colors. There are a total of twelve colors.  

Can you use GO NeoTack Neon Colors with dye sub inks from other manufacturers?
We do not recommend it.  GO NeoTack is recommended only for use with the NeoTack family of dye sub inks.

Can neon inks impact a four color printer? 
Yes. We have users who use traditional CMK colors with Neon Yellow. The use of Neon Yellow when combined with traditional CMYK offers incredible neon Reds, Limes, and Yellows.

How much is the color gamut extended with the use of GO NeoTack Neon inks?
When using either 4, 6 or 8 color configurations with GO neon inks, a user can expect an expanded color gamut of between 30-40% greater than a standard dye sub inkset.

What is the difference between GO Super Black and GO Standard Black? 
Generally we recommend that users print with GO Super Black ink as it is provides a true deep black without any tints. In situations where lighter black is needed, we recommend using the standard black.

What is the shelf life of GO NeoTack?
Twelve months. 

Which printers work well with GO NeoTack Dye Sub Ink? 
GO NeoTack was developed for all printers using EPSON printheads and works especially well with Mutoh ValueJet 1628W, Mutoh ValueJet 1624W, Mutoh RJ-900X, and GO's AquaMax Dye Sub printers. 

What happens in a four color printer if neon yellow is being used and traditional yellow needs to be used (for example if you need a mustard yellow color)?
The simplest way to change the ink is to take out the neon color InkPack (or any other NeoTack color) and insert the replacement color InkPack. Once this new color is inserted we recommend printing a solid color of the replaced ink so that the old color ink will be printed out of the printer’s ink delivery system.

Are all twelve NeoTack colors compatible with each other?
Yes. The entire set of colors are compatible to each other, including the neon colors. 

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