Friday, February 8, 2013

Graphics One is On SnapGuide with "How to Make a T-shirt in Under 60 Seconds"

Graphics One has completed its first SnapGuide as you will see here: How To Make a T-shirt in Under 60 Seconds.

The fact that we can image a t-shirt or garment complete in under 60 seconds is amazing. Consider this: the printer images the transfer sheet in 2 seconds, the heat press takes 30-40 seconds and the t-shirt is complete and ready to sell or use. The printer which is used for this is the GO UNO LED Transfer printer listing for $2,195. Additionally our GO UNO Transfer Paper is unique in that the paper is "no cut, no weed" and is super easy to use. Add a heat press and you are in business. In fact Graphics One offers a complete "Start Your Own T-shirt / Garment Business" for only $2,995. This package includes all the equipment needed to start. For added information please go to: GO UNO LED Transfer Printer


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