Wednesday, April 24, 2013

GO Ships New Heat Press: GO Metalnox EL 600

GO Metalnox EL 600 Heat Press
During our recent training session an announcement was made regarding GO migrating over to our new GO Metalnox EL 600 16"x20" heat press. 

As most are aware, using a heat press for dye sublimation is much less demanding than using a heat press for transfers. The reason for this is that dye sublimation is using heat, not as much pressure for imaging to the garment. Conversely when doing a transfer it is imperative that the heat press have high consistent pressure and high consistent and accurate heat. If the heat press does not have these capabilities then a user will have issues producing good transfers.

The new GO Metalnox EL 600 accomplishes both consistent and high pressure and consistent heat throughout the entire platen. Listing for $1,595, the EL 600 is now our standard heat press for imaging transfers. An overview is as follows:

• 16” x 20” Swing Away Manual Heat Press
• Force Multiplier Pressure System for Consistent High Pressure Over Entire Platen
• Wide Open Platen with Swing Top for Convenience and Ease of Use
• Machine Cast Aluminum Frame with High Pressure Capability Provides Uniform Pressure
• Fully Digital Temperature and Time Control
• Double Teflon Covered Plates
• Interchangeable Platens Available
• Manufactured in the Americas

For more info about the GO Metalnox EL 600, please click:


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