Thursday, September 19, 2013

New GO Metalnox Calandra CMD 1800 Calendar--$44,995

With the announcement of the newly shipping Metalnox Calandra CMD 1800, one would think the price is higher. In fact the pricing has been lowered to $44,995 from their previous unit which had a list of $54,995. Following are ten capabilities featured on the CMD 1800:

  • No break system in case of power failure. The machine continues to operate to protect the machine and the pieces being imaged. 
  • Fabric tensioning system keeps fabric in right place for solid color imaging. 
  • Production speed control system can be altered for the right production speed.
  • Easily accessible emergency stop button for worker safety. 
  • Automatic felt alignment keeps images in place to avoid imaging issues.
  • Digital temperature control keeps imaging accurate.
  • Cylinder drive system accurately controls the rotation and feeding of fabrics and transfer materials. 
  • Reversal system for rewinding the fabric and paper for easy correction if there is a mistake.
  • Paper recovery system allows the reuse of kraft paper and transfer paper even after its first use.
  • No air compressor needed.  


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