Saturday, November 9, 2013

EPSON SureColor SC F2000 Ink and Other Consumable Pricing

Seems that EPSON has now published North American list pricing for the EPSON SureColor F2000 Ink and other consumables. The initial indication is the 600 ml ink cartridges are priced $229.50 each (CMYKW). The EPSON Pre-treatment solution has a list price of $679.95 and comes in a 20 liter bottle (mixed 1-1) for a total of 40 liters. A white ink cleaning cartridge is $19.95 and the special Print Head Cleaning Kit is $94.95 and must be used every 1000 images.

List pricing for the toner cartridges for the GO UNO, OKI 711WT and OKI pro920WT are as follows:

  • GO UNO--Black $150 CMY $195
  • OKI 711WT--White $559 CMY $263
  • OKI 920WT--White $455 CMY $153
We hope to have cost per copy information for the EPSON F2000 shortly. 


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