Monday, June 2, 2014

GO F-24 Compared and Reviewed to Roland Small Format Flatbeds--What are the Pros and Cons?

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This is a fifth in a series of five articles comparing and reviewing the GO F-24 Small Format UV LED Flatbed  Printer to other products in the market. In articles we reviewed products from Direct Color Systems (DCS), Inkcups', Mimaki, Mutoh and now Roland. 

Roland as a company has an excellent reputation and in fact are probably the best at product marketing and applications in this business. They target products very effectively, as they have done with their two flatbeds. Even though the table size is small and printing speed slow, they have been able to penetrate this market with their focus on applications and by leveraging their brand recognition.   

The Pros and Cons for the Roland units, the VersaUV LEF-12 and VersaUV LEF-20 are as follows:

  • Company Reputation
  • First in Market
  • Product Family
  • Printer Price / Performance
  • Smaller Table Size
  • Limited Gantry Depth
  • Higher Ink Pricing
  • No CPSIA Certification for Children's Toys
  • Single UV Lamp

How does GO's F-24 Compare?
The Pros and Cons for the GO F-24 are as follows:

  • Printer Price / Performance
  • Excellent Table Size Means Lower Time and Cost per Copy
  • Deepest Gantry Depth
  • High Speed
  • Ink Pricing
  • Custom Jigs Available
  • No Table Needed for Printer--Small Footprint and Easy to Move
  • 360-2880 DPI with Excellent Image Clarity
  • Able to address 24"x18" Yard Sign Market
  • CPSIA Certification for Children's Toys
  • Dual UV Lamps 
  • No Family of Products, Yet--New Models Coming
As many are aware we say: "GO Wide. GO Deep. GO Fast. All with GO Value." Here's an overview:

GO Wide: 24"x18"
GO Deep: 10"
GO Fast: Up to 100 sq ft / hr
GO Value: $60 for 250 mls, $200 for one liter--$0.18 per ml

For more information on the GO F-24 please click: GO F-24 Info


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