Tuesday, September 2, 2014

GO Releases New F-24XL UV Flatbed Printer--New Larger Format

The GO F-24XL UV, a new small format UV flatbed inkjet printer with a standard table size of 24-inches by 47-inches and scalable up to 79-inches, was officially released today by Graphics One. With virtually the same performance characteristics as the orginal F-24, the XL version has a larger table size. Additionally, the unit features a new conveyor system for moving the images and also a new liquid cooled dual UV lamp system. The base version of the GO F-24XL UV is $43,995. If a user wants to have the unit with 79-inches of imaging space, the list price is $48,995. 

An overview of the F-24XL base system is as follows: 

•XL for Extra Length
•New Dual Liquid Cooled UV Lamp System
•Table  24”x 47” with Conveyor System
•11,280 Cubic Inches of Printing Space
•Depth 10” with Reinforced Supports
•Same Performance Characteristics of Standard F-24
•Optional Extension to 79” in Length
•XL List Price $43,995
•XL List Price for Extension $6,995
•XL List Price for Printer and Extension $48,995
Shipping September, 2014


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