Thursday, October 15, 2015

GO F-24 Updated to GO F-24+ with New Bottle Printing Capability

Many New Features Announced with Launch of GO F-24+
Graphics One is pleased to release the new GO F-24+ small format UV LED inkjet printer. Based on the highly successful GO F-24, the new version offers major enhancements which have been tested and proved since the launch of the original F-24 unit. 

The enhancements include: 

  • New Rotary Tool for UV imaging of cylindrical objects--free to anyone purchasing a F-24+ before the end of 2015
  • New UV Sticky Mat for holding substrates on the table for imaging. 
  • New ink delivery system implementing enhanced pressure for all colors with the white re-circulation of ink via a pressurized peristaltic pump system coupled with pressure release filters and dampers
  • New sophisticated Standby Mode for when printer is powered on but not printing. The white ink is circulated and filters for 10 minutes out of every two hours
  • New third generation LED lamp arrays enhanced to fix and to iprove the UV ink curing and adhesion
  • New UV ink in either gloss or matte
  • New liquid cooled lamp system to keep the lamps at a low temperature for enhanced longevity
  • New GO SuperPrime product line which includes three new primers to enahance UV adhesion on a wide variety of different substrates, most of which other UV inkjet printers cannot image
The new GO F-24+ is shipping now and current units have the option to be upgraded. 


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