Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mutoh RJ-900X vs Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ628--RJ-900 Saves Over $9,240 in ONE YEAR!

Mutoh RJ-900X Using GO NeoTack Ink Saves Big!

The new Sawgrass Virtuoso 24-inch dye sub printer branded as the VJ628 has been recently launched worldwide by Sawgrass. Based on the 24-inch VJ628 from Mutoh, this Sawgrass version of the printer has a good ink security system so that a user can only use Sawgrass ink. Of course, this is great for Sawgrass, but not so great for users. As you will note below, Sawgrass really charge exorbitant prices at an equivalent price of $495 per liter. Yes, you are reading this right, $495 per liter. 

For comparison purposes, our GO NeoTack Dye Sub ink, offering the industry's most "outrageous color gamut" is only $115 per liter. So, how can you save $9,240 in one year? If you use four liters of ink per month, a very conservative estimate, your cost with Sawgrass would be $20,490 annually with the printer. If you use GO's NeoTack dye sub ink four liters per month, the cost would be $11,250 including the printer, giving you a savings of over $9,240 annually. In fact, if you use GO's NeoTack as outlined below, you will save enough in one year to buy another RJ-900 printer. It's like receiving a free printer!

Sawgrass 628 vs Mutoh RJ-900X
83% Larger Printer with Annual Savings of $9,240
PrinterSawgrass Virtuoso 628Mutoh RJ-900X
Printer Width24-inches44-inches
Percentage Difference83% Larger
Dye Sub InkSawgrassGO NeoTack Dye Sub Ink
Dye Sub Size / Price220 ml $1101 Liter (1000 ml) $115
Cartridges / Printer84
Cost for 4 Liters (Comparison)$1,980$460
Forecasted Usage (24 liters)$12,000$2,760
Total Different Ink Colors819
Optional RIP$1,495 (Ergosoft)$995 (Wasatch)
Printer List Price$5,995*$7,495
Total Cost for One Year$20,490$11,250
Total Annual Savings with GO Solution $9,240
*GO provides 1 liter per color in start-up kit, an immediate savings of $1,540 as compared to the Sawgrass ink included with the 628 bundle.
For added information about GO's NeoTack Dye Sub Ink please go to: GO NeoTack Info. If you need information about the Mutoh RJ-900X please click on: Mutoh RJ-900X Info.


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