Friday, September 30, 2016

Mogk Launches New PTP-1450 Single / Dual Semi-Automatic Large Format Heat Press

Mogk PTP-1450 Semi-Automatic Sets New Standard for Large Format Heat Presses

Located in the midst of Brazil's textile region, Mogk (pronounced Mok, with the g silent), is the oldest calendar and heat press manufacturer in the Americas. Mogk has announced the release of the Mogk PTP-1450 heat press, a unit based on another Mogk product launched twenty years ago. With Brazil being one of the largest textile producers in the Americas, it makes sense the most industrial and professional heat presses would be manufactured by companies such as Mogk.

The Mogk PTP-1450 offers a rugged professional design for industrial dye sub transfers. All overs or cut piece transfers are a breeze with this heat press. With easy-glide drawers, the semi-automatic unit comes in both single and dual platens sized 39"x 57". What is even more interesting is the larger size is perfect for 5 XL all over transfers. Additionally, the size of the unit makes it perfect for users of EPSON, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland printers.  

The list price for the single platen PTP-1450 is $13,995 and for the dual platen version $15,995. These units are shipping immediately.


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