Thursday, October 10, 2013

Twelve Reasons You Should be Interested in GO's New e-UV Ink

Convert an eco printer to UV for $4,995?
Really? Here's twelve reasons: 
  • Convert virtually any eco-solvent roll-to-roll printer to UV roll-to-roll for only $4,995
  • Compatible with standard eco-solvent printers with EPSON print heads
  • Lower carbon footprint than eco-solvent or latex
  • Incredible image quality and elongation for image flexibility
  • Superior UV stability and ultra strong adhesion
  • Ink consumption up to 30% less
  • UV curing lamp last for the life of the printer (up to 10,000 hours)
  • Low power consumption
  • Image usable immediately after printing
  • Enhances print head life
  • Outstanding outdoor and indoor longevity
  • Value pricing at much less than OEM eco-solvent ink
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