Wednesday, October 2, 2013

GO to Launch F-24 UV LED High Speed Flatbed at SGIA in October

Orlando, Florida will be the site of the launch of GO's new 24-inch high speed UV flatbed launch. This is an exciting launch with our first foray into the promotional and industrial UV market space. With the ability to print on many surfaces at the highest speed for any UV printer under 24-inches, the F-24 is a valuable addition to anyone needing on-demand printing on virtually any 24-inch by 16-inch substrate. The F-24 offers many capabilities only available on far larger and far more expensive units. An overview is:

• Up to 1440 dpi
• Print speeds of over 100 sq ft/hour CMYK
• 24” x 18” print area 
• 10” Gantry thickness for printing thick objects
• Eight color channel piezo drop-on-demand printheads
• White Ink Ready (WIR) provides ink circulation and pressurized pumps to reduce head clogging and maintenance downtime making sure your white ink is ready when you are.
• One Pass (OP) is a patent-pending process allowing white base and colors to be printed in one pass.
• InterWave Dot Technology (IWDT) developed for UV imaging significantly reduces banding in your prints. 
• Laser Printhead Protection (LPP) drastically reduces printhead strikes by using light sensors to detect any print path obstructions and while maintaining your prints
• C,M,Y,K, White and Clear UV inks (available in 250ml, 500ml or 1 liter bottles)
• GO’s F-24 RIP

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