Friday, July 11, 2014

GO Announces First Printer Upgradable to Integrated Print-and-Cut--GO X-24P

Graphics One is pleased to announce the first eco-solvent printer which can be upgraded to an integrated print and cut system. The GO X-24P (P model) is a 24-inch eco-solvent printer targeted at garment decorators, display makers and those looking to produce cost effective decals. Following on the successful launch of the GO X-24PC (with integrated cutter), the printer only version offers the same capabilities, but without the cutting option.

GO’s X-24P embraces a new technology which allows users to upgrade from a printer-only model to a complete print-and-cut device. According to Christian Sam, GO Marketing, “Many potential customers already have cutters and would like to continue using their own. In this instance, we can provide them with a cost effective eco-solvent printing solution. For those who may need an option to upgrade to an integrated contour cutter at a later time, then this unit is perfect. No one else offers the ability to integrate a contour cutter at a later time. It is really up to the user.”

GO’s X-24P is a 4 color printer offering imaging up to 1440 dpi with DX5 printhead technology and comes complete with the stand, ink and RIP. The GO EcoColor eco-solvent ink produces durable images for both indoor and outdoor applications and is perfect for the targeted applications.

Priced at $7,195, the GO X-24P printer package includes the printer, a heavy duty printer stand, four 220 ml cassettes of GO EcoColor Ink and FlexiSign RIP. The contour cutting upgrade is only $800 for a GO X-24 system for a total of $7,995. Additionally, GO’s EcoColor eco-solvent ink is priced at $45 per 220 ml cassette and is manufactured in the U.S. The GO X-24 printer will begin shipping in late July.


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