Tuesday, July 29, 2014

GO's "Big Mouth" UV Printer Offers 4320 Cubic Inches--GO F-24 Small Format UV LED Printer

GO's "Big Mouth" F-24 Small Format UV LED Printer does it again by setting a new standard for the most usable printing area of a UV flatbed printer 24-inches and under. With a width of 24-inches by 18-inches and a depth of 10-inches, the GO F-24 is truly a "Big Mouth" and the only UV printer of this size actually able to print on four fully inflated basketballs at once. There are many requirements for printing unusual and thick objects of more than three or four inches thick. As a result the  GO  F-24 is quickly becoming the standard for small format UV printing due to its unique capabilities.  

Cubic Printing Space Comparison
When looking at the printable space of the GO F-24 Small Format UV LED Printer, the printable size dwarfs other units in its class. It is a fact only one competitive printer offers even half the space offered by the F-24. An overview of how the F-24 ranks in usable cubic printing size is as follows:
  • GO F-24--4320 Cubic Inches
  • DCS 1024UV--1440 Cubic Inches
  • Inkcups X2--1440 Cubic Inches
  • Mimaki UJF-6042--2336 Cubic Inches
  • Mutoh ValueJet-426UF--679 Cubic Inches
  • Roland LEF 20--679 Cubic Inches
As you will note, the F-24 offers 4320 cubic inches with largest size and the Mutoh ValueJet-426UF and the Roland LEF-20 being on the low end at 679 cubic inches. The F-24 offers over 600% more volume for printing as compared to the Mutoh and Roland units. 

For more information about the GO F-24 Big Mouth please click: GO F-24 Info.


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