Monday, June 5, 2017

Info on OKI Pro8432WT Toner

As with other OKI transfer printers, the new OKI Pro8432WT ships with a starter set of toners. The starter set includes 5,000-page Cyan, Magenta, Yellow starter cartridges and a 4,000-page White toner cartridge. The standard cartridge yield for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow is 10,000 pages and for White, 4,500 pages, with pricing for toner and image drums as follows:

What does the OKI Pro8432WT printer ship with in the box? The OKI Pro8432WT ships with a starter set of toner, professional t-shirt folde, transfer paper, heat resistant tape and dispenser, heat resistant gloves, special fabric marking pen, clear logo placement ruler webcam for training purposes. This free start-up kit only comes from Graphics One and our distribution partners. 

For further information please click: OKI Pro8432WT Info or call +1-818-260-9591. 


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