Monday, June 5, 2017

What Are Major Differences Between New OKI Pro8432WT and OKI Pro920WT

More Reliable with Smaller Footprint at a Lower Price
We have received a number of questions regarding the differences between the Pro8432WT and the Pro920WT from OKI Data. The following provides a brief comparison:

Main Differences Between the OKI Pro8432WT and the OKI Pro920WT

1. The Pro84323WT is based upon new print engine technology.  The OKI Pro829WT is based upon technology which is almost ten years old.

2. The Pro8432WT weighs approximately 80 pounds and the Pro920WT is approximately 160 pounds, twice the weight.

3. The Pro8432WT is far more compact and has a much smaller footprint than the Pro920WT printer.

4. The Pro8432WT has a two-year onsite warranty and the Pro920WT has a one-year onsite warranty.

5. The Pro8432WT has a paper range of 64 to 256 gsm. The Pro920WT accepts 75 to 216 gsm.

6. The Pro8432WT offers tabloid size (11”x17”) whereas the Pro920WT offers tabloid extra size (12”x18”).

7. The Pro8432WT set of full toners (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and White) lists for $818 whereas the Pro920WT toner set list price is $913.

8. The Pro8432WT has a list price of $6,895 and the Pro920WT lists for $7,495.

What does this mean? The New OKI Pro8432WT offers new technology at a lower price with a smaller footprint and even better reliability than the OKI Pro920WT printer.

For more information please click: Pro8432WT Info or call +1-818-679-8075.


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