Monday, January 7, 2013

Direct-to-Garmet or LED Transfer Printer

In the first of our discussions of whether direct-to-garment / D2 printers and GO/OKI LED printers are competitive, below you will find an overview of what the GO / OKI LED transfer solutions offer:

  • Three Printers--UNO, 711WT and 920WT
  • Printers for Specific Applications--The UNO is perfect for CMYK light and white imaging, whereas the OKI 711WT is a letter size printer for imaging on dark and blacks and the pro920WT is the best 11"x17" transfer printer for imaging darks and blacks.  
  • Low Cost—The cost of entry starts at $2,195 and a full system can be had for as little as $2,995. Additionally the OKI 711WT lists for $3,395 and the pro920WT is $7,495. 
  • Full Color and White—Solution offers the ability to print on light, dark and black garments in full color including white
  •  Low Operating Costs—CMYK toner with paper averages $.50 and CMYW $1.50 for letter sized images
  • Easy-to-use—Just like using a desktop printer so little training needed
  • High Speed—Images at up to one transfer sheet every two seconds
  • Full Complement of Transfer Material—Transfer materials are available for so many applications beyond just garment decoration
  • No Complicated Maintenance—All that is needed is to flip the on-off switch
  • Onsite Warranty—One year onsite warranty on printers with second year optiona

Over the next few weeks we will discuss the specific differences between GO and OKI's solutions and how they compare to direct-to-garment printers from manufacturers such as Anajet and Brother.


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