Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No Pretreatment or Coating Needed for Dark or Black T-shirts

Printwear Q&A--Printwear offer a very good Q&A section on their website and the following is an except from the website concerning D2 (digital direct) or DTG (direct to garment) printers printing white and colors on dark or black t-shirts. The fact is all of the D2 manufacturers including Anajet and Brother indicate the only way to properly image dark and black garments is by precoating, or pretreating the t-shirts. In fact, both companies say it is also good for even light or white t-shirts as well. Please see the Q&A below.

Q. What is the one thing that is most important to ensure consistent quality digital direct (D2) / direct to garment (DTG) prints on darks?

A: The pre-treatment process is key. Just like when building a house, a good foundation is very important. Consistent, even pre-treatment is the foundation on which the rest of the D2 process is built. When the pre-treatment process is not applied properly, the D2 prints will appear to be faded in certain areas and, in cases where insufficient pre-treatment fluid is applied, the print may even wash out of the shirt when laundered.

The best way to achieve a consistent print is to apply the fluid with an automatic pre-treating machine (additional purchase may be required). When properly maintained and used correctly, these machines offer the user the ability to consistently achieve a high quality product. Answered by Brother International Corporation

Note from Graphics One: With the GO / OKI LED transfer system for imaging both dark and black garments, no precoating is needed. What the answer above does not say is that adding a precoater costs between $3,500 and $8,000 above and beyond the printer. Additionally, the precoating must be heat pressed prior to and after the imaging,  adding many steps to the process. The question we have for users is, "why would you spend more than the price of the UNO, 711WT or pro920WT on pretreating or precoating devices? There is absolutely no need for this type of equipment with the GO / OKI solutions.


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