Monday, January 7, 2013

Graphics One Redefines Dye Sublimation Ink Standards with the Launch of GO NeoTack Ink

Burbank, California-November, 2012-Graphics One, LLC (GO), an international distributor dedicated to providing innovative, high quality products to digital imaging professionals worldwide is launching its new GO NeonTack Ink, a professional grade dye sublimation ink with integrated tack to eliminate ghosting and the need for tacky dye sub paper. GO will be demonstrating its GO NeonTack Ink at the ISS Long Beach Show January 18-20.

GO’s NeonTack Ink offers newly patented heat activated Tack Technology developed to eliminate the need for tacky paper with a formula providing tack function to conventional dye sub papers when used with textiles and apparel. Even the most basic dye sublimation transfer papers are capable of producing ultra crisp and vibrant transfer results decreasing the overall cost of the sublimation process. Moreover, GO NeonTack Ink provides a hi-fi 12 color set with three new neon colors including Neon Red, Neon Yellow and Neon Blue in addition to Super Black, Orange, Blue, CMYK, Lc and Lm to create an outstanding color gamut 30 to 40% greater than average dye sublimation ink. GO Neotack even enhances four color printers by using traditional NeoTack Cyan and Magenta with Neon Yellow and Super Black. Other neon colors can also be substituted for the traditional colors from our NeoTack ink set.

The excellent runability and no clog formula extensively tested in EPSON printheads solidifies GO NeoTack Ink as the new standard for dye sublimation ink.

According to David Badalyan, GO Sales Management, “We are very excited to offer the new GO NeoTack dye sub ink as it eliminates the need for tacky paper creating far crisper images while decreasing the overall cost of sublimation by as much as 25%. GO NeonTack Ink offers a new level of dye sublimation printing with vibrant colors, true blacks, and neon spot colors not offered by other sublimation inks.”

GO’s NeoTack Ink is packaged in one liter and 500 ml degassed foil inkpacks at a very competitive price point of $125 and $65 respectively. GO NeoTack Ink will begin shipping in January 2013.

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