Tuesday, April 1, 2014

GO Deep: F-24 UV Flatbed Inkjet Material Height Ten Inches

The application possibilities with the GO F-24 UV Flatbed Inkjet printer are virtually unlimited. One of the questions which comes often is what about thicker materials or substrates? This is a great question and the F-24 offers a great answer. 

With UV printers at 24-inch width and under, the F-24 offers the deepest material height at 10-inches. In fact, the F-24 offers 4-inches more height than its nearest competitor. How do competitive printers fair against the F-24's 10-inch material height, here's an overview from lowest to highest:

Mimaki UJF-3042--1.8 inch
Roland LEF 12/20--4-inches
Direct Color Systems 1014--4-inches
Mimaki UJF-6042--5.9-inches
Direct Color Systems 1024--6-inches

Graphics One F-24--10-inches

For more information go to: http://goo.gl/Rh7BH4


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