Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mutoh Launches New VJ-628 Eco-solvent Printer at ISA--$6,495

During the ISA show in Orlando, Florida in April, 2014, Mutoh announced the release of its new VJ-628 24-inch eco-solvent printer. Priced at $6,495 this new unit offers an aggressive price point which should be of great interest to the targeted markets. In fact, we are not aware of another 24-inch printer like this in the market.  (In the past GO's Eco-max 24-inch printer and cutter using SEPIAX ink was offered in this market segment, but has been discontinued and replaced by the GO X-24.)

The Offering
The VJ-628 includes a special version of FlexiSign and features the ability to use eco-solvent ink in 4, 6 or 8 color configuration. The stand is optional and it is unclear as to whether the ink will be included with the unit. Mutoh's 220 ml Eco-ultra ink is about $70 each and 8 of these will cost an added $560. Other Mutoh VJ printers do not include ink with their shipments so it is safe to assume the VJ-628 will not include the ink (we will come back on this question).  It is expected Mutoh or Sign Warehouse will offer cutter bundles with this unit to make it a print and cut bundle. The ValueCut 24-inch unit lists for $2,495 in the U.S. and when ink is added the list price could be as high $9,550 (does not include stand) . We doubt the price will be this high as we know that Sign Warehouse, the master distributor for this unit in the US, offer very aggressive print and cut bundles and we would expect them to do the same with this unit. 

Roland's BN-20 is the prime competitor with their combo printer/cutter unit listing at $8,495, but it is only 20-inches wide. Like Mutoh, Roland does not include ink nor a stand. As an 8 color unit, the standard 220 ml eco-solvent inks total approximately $560 and the stand is $305 for a total of $9,321 for the Roland BN-20. Mimaki's CJV30-60 lists at $12,995 including ink, stand and a take-up system and is a full 24-inch width. GO's X-24 Printer/Cutter is also 24-inches wide and now lists for $8,795 including ink, stand and software.

Our overall impression is the VJ-628 is well positioned and should do very well in the targeted markets. 

GO X-24 Integrated 24-inch Printer / Cutter
For more information about GO's X-24 please go to: More Info GO X-24


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