Friday, April 11, 2014

New GO X-24 Integrated Desktop Printer/Cutter Launched at ISA

During the upcoming ISA show in Orlando, Florida Graphics One will launch its X-24 print and cut unit. Small enough to be on a desktop, or mounted on the floor stand, the feature set of the X-24 is robust and offers the best operating value with our GO EcoColor eco-solvent ink at $45 per 220cc cartridge. 

An overview of the features is as follows:

• Integrated 24-inch eco-solvent printer/cutter device
• Uses standard sized off-the-shelf media
• Integrated and accurate automated contour cutter
• High resolution imaging up to 1440 dpi
• Fast printing speeds up to 60 sq ft per hour
• Available in 4-colors with DX5 piezo printheads
• Cutting speed up to 12-inches per second with cutting force up to 800 GF
• Uses GO EcoColor ink--offers brilliant, saturated colors with pricing 50% less than competitor
• Connects using Hi-USB 2.0/3.0 for fast and reliable data transmission
• Perfect for print and cut applications such as garment transfers, stickers, vinyl lettering, POP, posters and more
• Includes FlexiSign 10.5 software

The list price for the GO X-24 is $7,995 and the cost for the eco-solvent ink is $45 per 220cc cartridge. 

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