Tuesday, April 8, 2014

GO F-24 UV Ink Costs--How does GO's UV-m Compare to Others?

The most important factor for any digital printer is its overall running costs. Of course the main factors for measuring costs when using digital printing equipment, assuming that normal overhead costs are not included, are the ink and the substrates.

With substrates, UV printers offer a tremendous operational advantage over other inks such as eco-solvent, latex and pigment because UV ink generally does not need a pre-coating on the substrate. This means all types of material can be imaged on without any special coating. This is not the case with other inks.

With UV ink, the ink composition means the amount of UV ink used is less than other types of ink, such as eco-solvent. Since there is less ink used, and the cost of GO's UV ink low, the value proposition for GO's F-24 is one of the best in the industry. For a comparison of GO's UV-m ink costs, please review the comparison chart where you will note GO's actual ink costs are the lowest of any of the major providers of small format UV flatbed providers.


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